‘Waylay’ opens TOTES 2018

My new work call Waylay will be the first performance of the first ever Toronto Tuba Euphonium Symposium (TOTES)!

About Waylay: The piece illustrates what emotions tendinitis would convey if it were a living entity praying on another, hence the title Waylay – to lie in wait for, or attack from ambush. The phrases, while being propelled forward by driving rhythms, are regularly ensnared by changing metres and tempos. Anxiety, anger, frustration, hope and sadness are woven throughout the unsettling aura that is Waylay.

When: 17 March 2018

Where: 180 Bayview Ave., North York, ON, M4N 3K7

What: https://torontotes.com/

The Symposium
This full day event will provide a platform for young tuba and euphonium performers across Canada to promote creative and innovative works of emerging Canadian composers.

Our vision:

To give emerging low brass professionals a space to share their talents.
To learn from established professionals.
To help low brass musicians form a network and community across Canada.
To establish Canada as a home for world-class low brass playing and composition.
To make a massive contribution to low brass repertoire through commissioning, premiering and publishing new Canadian compositions.
To inspire the next generation of low brass players.
To showcase the musical potential of tubas and euphoniums to new audiences.

How to obtain a copy:
Music will be available by a publisher a number of days after the event and performance. Please contact to inquire!