The Richmond Hill Philharmonic Performs Ethos!!

It was a exceptional honour to have my piece performed by the Richmond Hill Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Dr. Jessica Kun. I had the opportunity to meet the musicians and give a short 7 minute pre-concert talk before the concert.

Ethos (2016)
2222|4231|3 Perc + Harp|Strings

Ethos – meaning the characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its beliefs and aspirations – is a piece that explores Greek music from the 3rd Millennium B.C.E. to the folk tunes and dances of the 16th century C.E. Ethos incorporates multiphonics, quarter tones, ancient tonal systems and folk scales to show the differences and similarities between ancient and folk styles. The piece also features the traditional Greek drum ‘Daouli’ and mimics ancient instruments with those in a traditional orchestra. As the piece develops, ancient musical fragments can be heard thought the orchestra, chiefly in string and woodwind passages. The violin, harp, flute and clarinet depict the kithara, lyre, floyera and aulos, respectively. The ever present increase in tempo drives both virtuosic and drone like characters to develop and transform.