“The piece is an example of alchemy, as the composer has taken amateur dross and turned it into gold.”

-Bruce C. Grant: Chairman of the Newman Sound Men’s Choir re: Seville

“He has made me want to practice dictation and inspires me to work hard in my other classes too. He is thorough in teaching, effective with the strategies he tells us, fun in the class room by making jokes, well versed in practicing his material, projects his voice well, keeps us engaged, marks fairly, tests fairly, he is always enthusiastic, calls us out when we don’t know what we’re doing. Everything is fantastic with William.”

-Anonymous: regarding the nomination for teaching dictation via the University of Western Ontario’s 2016 Graduate Student Teaching Assistant Awards

“Congratulations on an amazing piece…Your use of the oboe was brilliant. The violin/clarinet solos were evocative.”

-Jan Wong: Canadian Journalist and Author re: Ethos

“The soulfulness of your music has touched us deeply and moved many of us to tears!”

-Winnie Ng: Ryerson University re: trumpet performance