Performed Pieces


Ethos (2016)
2222|4231|3 Perc + Harp|Strings

Wind Ensemble

Chamber Ensemble

Trepidation (2016)
Messiaen Quartet: Violin, Cello, Bass Clarinet, Piano

Cross Crescent Mvt. IV- Mimas (2014)
Flute, Bass Clarinet, Piano, Violin, Cello, (1)Percussion

Battle of Cannae (2013)
Quartet for unpitched percussion and slide whistle

Cities in Motion (2012)
String Quintet and Piano

Bookmarks on the Wall (2011)
Percussion Trio: Xylophone, Glockenspiel and Marimba

Solos and Duets

To be posted: Waylay (2018)
To be posted: Suite for Guitar and Trumpet Mvt. I (2017)

Seville (2016)
Bass/Baritone Voice with Piano Accompaniment

Take a Walk (2016)
Trumpet and electronics (1) technician

Recitative and Allegro (2015)
Duet for Bb Trumpet/Flugelhorn and Marimba

No Stone Unturned (2013)