William Nicolaou has completing his Masters in Music Composition at the University of Western Ontario under Omar Daniel, Peter Paul Koprowski and additional adviser Paul Frehner. He holds a Bachelor’s of Music in Composition from Wilfrid Laurier University, where he studied with Linda Catlin Smith and Peter Hatch. Previously, William has also studied trumpet with virtuoso Guy Few at Wilfrid Laurier University.

William has developed a unique compositional style which encompasses elements of traditional and experimental writing stemming from Western classical, modern/post-modern and new music influences. Coming from a Greek background, he incorporates complex rhythmic meters from traditional folk music to many of his compositions. William’s music thrives on distinctive melodic contours which are developed and reinvented throughout the duration his works.

His recently completed masters’ thesis titled, ‘Ethos’ is a composition written for symphony orchestra which was influenced by ancient Greek, Greek folk music. His duet for trumpet and marimba titled Recitative and Allegro, was featured on the ‘Composers Circle’ new music website on February 3rd 2016. William’s growing portfolio has landed him several commissions from performers in Toronto, London, Ontario, and St. John’s, Newfoundland. This past summer, he got accepted to the Orford Academe of Music where he composed 2 pieces and studied with Ana Sokolovic and Jean LeSage.

Through his teaching assistant position at Western University William has discovered his passion for music education. He is proficient at teaching sight sing and dictation at the university level.

William currently resides in Markham, Ontario, Canada